Breath Treatments

All of us have bad breath sometimes, “morning breath” for instance. This is temporary and easily dealt with by brushing and flossing. There’s also bad breath caused by certain foods, such as onion or garlic. These foods enter the bloodstream during digestion, and from there enter the lungs and their chemistry affects our breath. Again, this is temporary, as it will disappear when those foods have been completely eliminated from the body.

Chronic Bad Breath

When bad breath is chronic, it results from an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, and this accumulation can be caused by several things:

  • Poor dental hygiene.
  • Dental infections.
  • Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes.
  • A dry mouth, which in turn can be caused by some medical conditions. Saliva helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria – and without it, the bacteria are allowed to grow unchecked.

Until you come into the dentist’s office for an examination it can be difficult to determine what factors or combination of factors are causing consistent bad breath for you. Many bad breath sufferers often do not realize the extent of the problem because their senses have grown accustomed to the smell.

Bad Breath Treatments

To help treat your bad breath, Our doctors may recommend:

  • Special mouthwashes and chewing gums that increase hydration and salivation, helping to stop the bad breath.
  • Changes in your diet.
  • Improved dental hygiene techniques.

Bad breath is almost always treatable. If tooth decay or gum disease are found to be causing it, one of our skilled doctors will do a thorough examination and recommend appropriate dental treatments.

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