Common Dental Problems

What are dental implants?

If left untreated, many common dental problems can seriously affect your dental health and quality of life. At San Pablo Dental Care, our highly-experienced staff will listen to your unique needs during a thorough examination and provide you with the right dental solution to fix common dental problems like the ones below:

Crooked and misaligned teeth can cause anxiety or self-consciousness, and depending on the severity, lead to other dental problems down the road. To fix crooked teeth, we offer:

Stained Teeth

Considering the large number of foods and drinks we consume that discolor our teeth, it is no surprise that many people are choosing to have their teeth whitened. There are three main methods of tooth whitening we offer at San Pablo Dental Care:

  • Tooth Whitening:┬áProfessional in-office Zoom tooth whitening, and Custom at-home tooth whitening kits.
  • Non-custom home kits

Both are an easy and efficient way to brighten your smile.

Chipped Teeth

Chipped and broken teeth can cause both discomfort and an unsightly smile, but there are several options available to fix this problem, depending on the location and the severity of the damage:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Bonding
  • Porcelain crowns

Gummy Smile

You could have perfectly aligned and shaped teeth, but uneven gum lines can still cause a smile to be aesthetically displeasing. To solve this problem, One of our excellent doctors can reshape your gums as a stand-alone procedure, or combine reshaping with porcelain veneers to give you your perfect bright smile.

Headache/Neck Pain

If you suffer from chronic headaches, or neck and jaw pain, it may be a sign that you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), a condition that is characterized by the misalignment of your bite and jaw.

Dentist Anxiety

If going to the dentist makes you nervous, especially for the times you need more than a check-up and cleaning, we’d like to show you that you needn’t be nervous any longer. We believe in being as gentle and thorough as possible, and relieving you of anxiety through the use of nitrous oxide and sedation dentistry techniques. All of our staff members have years of experience making dentistry as comfortable as possible, and we’ll give you care you can feel confident about.

Jaw Popping

If jaw popping is a regular occurrence in your life, it could mean that your bite is not aligned properly. We can find out the cause of your jaw popping during a thorough examination. Once diagnosed, there are several temporary and permanent dental solutions that can be used to relieve you of this symptom and improve your overall dental health.

Can I afford it?

We know how tight family budgets can be these days. That is why we have developed a full range of financial arrangements for you to choose from. As an added convenience, our staff will work with your insurance company to fill out the appropriate paper work and ensure that you will fully benefit from the type of coverage you have. As always, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted for all your dental needs.

If you are suffering from a common dental problem or anxiety about seeing a dentist in general, contact us to schedule your Complimentary Consultation..

Please call: (510) 232-3143 or Send an Email  today. Once you meet with our talented staff, you will see for yourself how we can comfortably and conveniently address your dental problems while making sure you feel at ease.