My Dentist Told Me I need a Crown, Are There Alternative Options?

Let me start this discussion off with a fact. There are, generally, many different ways to fix and treat teeth. Each treatment option will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Rarely is one treatment option all good or all bad. Each alternative approach to solving a dental problem will vary widely in regard to the cost of treatment, how appropriate each treatment choice is for the particular problem, how long will each option last, and how the outcome will be for each treatment in terms of comfort, ability to chew, and esthetics.

One of the more common questions we get asked is the title of this blog. Crowns are a broad class of dental treatment options commonly referred to as a cap, porcelain filling such as Cerec, or many other similar treatments that use strong and durable materials that have the potential to last for many, many years. When appropriate, crowns do a great job of fixing problems for teeth that are broken, weakened by previous fillings, have poor esthetics, are discolored, or positioned poorly. However, there are many times when a crown is not appropriate. Teeth that have been damaged by previous root canals or gum disease, and do not have a good future, may not benefit from an expensive treatment option. It may not be a good idea to spend thousands of dollars on a tooth that may be lost in a year or two.

An alternative to a permanent crown in many circumstances is a tooth colored filling that is bonded, making it strong and reasonably durable. A filling will not last as long as a crown but it may be a good alternative for a particular person’s circumstances. In cases where a patient’s budget is challenging this filling alternative may be a good choice.

At San Pablo Dental Care we work very hard to find the treatment choice that is the best fit for each patient and their unique circumstances. Each of our patients has their own set of issues that will define which choice is best for them. Each patient has their own set of goals that define what they hope to achieve by accepting dental treatment, as well as their own comfort zone for budget and cost issues. We call this best option The Perfect Plan, and this is the one plan that is the best fit for each patient.

You can be assured that when you are a patient at San Pablo Dental Care you will know you have the treatment plan that matches your needs the best and is a comfortable fit for your budget.

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