Porcelain Crown FAQs

What are porcelain crowns?

Porcelain tooth crowns are prosthetic covers or caps for your teeth that are custom-colored and shaped in our dental lab. Once applied by one of our excellent cosmetic dentist, they are virtually undetectable in the mouth.

What dental conditions are porcelain tooth crowns used to correct?

They are generally used to replace the entire damaged tooth surface when that tooth still has a viable root. They preserve what remains of the tooth and are done when the tooth damage is too severe to be corrected by fillings. They’re sometimes done as part of a smile makeover.

What is the process for applying a porcelain crown?

First, the affected tooth is reduced in size slightly, to make room for the crown. Then a mold of your mouth is taken. That mold is used by our dental lab to create your custom porcelain crown. When the crown is complete, Our doctors will test it to ensure it fits properly, before permanently attaching it.

How are porcelain crowns permanently attached to your teeth?

Porcelain crowns are attached to your teeth using dental cement. It’s also called dental bonding. It is a painless procedure which takes only a single appointment.

How many appointments will it take to complete the procedure?

It will take two appointments, and maybe more if you have several teeth that need crowns.

How long will the porcelain crowns last?

If you follow the recommended daily hygiene routine, they should last for decades.

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