Porcelain Crowns

If you have chipped, discolored, gapped or damaged teeth, porcelain crowns can be used to improve both their function and appearance. Porcelain crowns are tooth caps that are custom-made and colored to cover the entire surface area of your tooth.

The process for applying porcelain crowns to your damaged teeth begins when your scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our excellent cosmetic and implant dentists. During your consultation he will fully examine your teeth, listen to what you’d like to have improved, answer your questions, and make his recommendations.

The Procedure

The process typically takes two office visits.
  • In the first visit, One of our doctors will prepare the tooth by removing any decayed tissue, and shaping it to receive the crown.
  • He’ll take a mold of your teeth from which the laboratory will make the crown.
  • While you wait for the second visit, you can wear a temporary crown, which looks and feels like a real tooth.
  • In the second visit, One of our doctors will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one with temporary cement.
  • He’ll test your bite and make fine adjustments to the crown’s shape and size so that your teeth come together correctly when you close your mouth.
  • When both you and he are satisfied with the fit and comfort, he’ll permanently bond the crown to the tooth.

The porcelain crown will be virtually undetectable, improving the appearance of your smile and re-enforcing the strength of your natural tooth underneath.

To learn more or to view before and after photos of patients who have this procedure done in the past, please click on the links below:

If you are located in the San Francisco or Oakland area and would like to learn more about how porcelain crowns can improve the look of your smile, please schedule a Complimentary Consultation with us today.

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