Sedation Dentistry

Some people approach a visit to the dentist with anxiety and apprehension. These feelings are perfectly natural, and thanks to sedation dentistry, easily remedied. Now a trip to the dentist’s office can be relaxing and comfortable.

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Ways to administer the sedative

The most common way is a mild sedative pill that you take about an hour before the procedure begins. The sedative will not render you unconscious. You’ll be awake, but very relaxed, while one of our doctors performs his excellent work – and most people cannot remember the procedure after it is over.

Our doctors can also give you nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

which is a gas you can breathe in from a mask. It makes you calm and untroubled and you can enjoy music or just doze while your dental work is done.

If sedation dentistry is used, you will need someone to drive you home, as drowsiness can impair your reflexes. Most people fall asleep as soon as they get home. If you had only nitrous oxide, you can drive yourself home, as the effects wear off very quickly once you take the mask off.

Sleep Dentistry

If you have fear or anxiety about undergoing a dental procedure, or if you’re about to have an especially long or complicated procedure, our doctors may recommend sedation dentistry.

In most cases, sedation dentistry is preferred to general anesthesia, because there is less risk and it can typically achieve the same results.

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