TMJ Treatments

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, also known as TMJ or TMD, is a neuromuscular condition involving improper alignment of the bite. There are many symptoms of TMD that lead patients to the dentist’s office, some of which include:

  • Severe headaches
  • Neck, face or jaw pain
  • Limited ability to open mouth
  • Bruxism: the grinding and/or clenching of the teeth
  • Tooth pain or sensitivity
  • Difficulty chewing and/or swallowing

Some estimates place TMD as the third largest health problem in the country today. However, because there are so many varied symptoms, the only way to properly diagnose TMD is to meet with a dentist who specializes in TMD treatment, such as our doctors.

Pain Relief

If you do indeed have TMD, your first desire will probably be pain relief. There are many methods to alleviate painful jaw symptoms. We use medications, physical therapy, bite guards, and other non surgical techniques.

Bite correction

Dental work may become part of your long-term treatment. If your bite has been misaligned because your teeth are misaligned, we can correct the positions of your teeth. Every person is unique, and your exact treatment will be determined through careful examination and planning.

If you live in the San Pablo, San Francisco, Berkeley or Oakland, California, area, one of our doctors is available to help treat your TMD. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, or even similar symptoms, please contact us to arrange your Complimentary Consultations.

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