Tooth Whitening FAQs

Why should I have a cosmetic dentist whiten my teeth?

Professional tooth whitening will not damage your teeth or gums as whitening toothpastes can. Over-the-counter whitening kits are far less effective than a professional procedure because the trays in those kits may or may not fit your teeth, and the whitening gel is weaker.

Who is a good candidate for Zoom® tooth whitening or an at-home whitening kit?

Anyone who would like to improve the appearance of his or her stained teeth. Depending on the severity and cause of the stains, in-office whitening might be the best option.

How does Zoom® tooth whitening work?

It works by putting your teeth in contact with a whitening gel which is activated by a special light. It’s left on for 20 minutes, then this is repeated twice more. The whitening agent penetrates through both the enamel and the dentin layer below it, dissolving substances causing the stains.

How do the at-home, custom whitening trays work?

When you squeeze a small amount of bleaching agent into the custom trays we make for you, and wear those trays for about an hour every day, it will whiten your teeth dramatically over the course of a week or two.

How much whiter can my teeth become using the Zoom® system?

Depending on how stained your teeth are before the procedure, Zoom® tooth whitening can make your teeth up to eight shades lighter. Each of us is different in how white our teeth can become and your teeth could become even more than eight shades whiter. Ask about our “guaranteed success” program.

How long do the results of Zoom® tooth whitening last?

The results should last up to five years, depending on how well you avoid staining foods and care for your teeth. The Zoom® system also supplies you with an at-home follow-up kit for touch-up procedures every few months.

How can I keep my newly whitened teeth stain free?

In addition to getting your teeth professionally cleaned every six months, there are two basic rules you should follow to avoid staining

  • Avoid staining beverages like coffee, tea and dark soft drinks, for two to three days after the procedure
  • Brush your teeth immediately after each meal or after any staining drink

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