What is so special about San Pablo Dental?

A dental office is a dental office, right? Aren’t they really all the same? When it comes to how a dental office looks that might be true, but when you look a little deeper you will find that a few dental offices are really quite unique, and in fact, one of them is really quite special. At San Pablo Dental Care we believe that we are very special. When it comes to the “basics” such as convenience of location and accessibility to the dental consumer, San Pablo Dental Care really stands out. We are only a short distance from the freeway and easy to get to from anywhere in the SF Bay Area. Even more importantly, we are open 6 days a week, including Saturdays, with early and late appointments available. Most dental offices are open with hours set for the convenience of the dentist and staff, not for you the dental patient. We prioritize our patient’s time and convenience with very accessible hours.

Beyond the convenience factor, San Pablo Dental Care is special in that we prioritize quality care, and only use the latest and greatest technology for your care. From offering state of the art Implant Services, to the sleep while we treat Sedation Dentistry Methods, you will receive the most modern and high quality care available anywhere in the Bay Area.

While many dental offices have rigid and limited payment options, San Pablo Dental Care offers a multitude of convenient payment options that make high quality dental care affordable for everyone.

Many dental offices require you to travel (refer) to other offices for many of the basic dental needs you may have, while at San Pablo Dental Care we offer most services under one roof. NO need to be traveling all over to other dentists you do not know.

Additionally, in the multi cultural and multi lingual Bay Area it is not always easy to communicate with health care providers. At San Pablo Dental Care we are fluent in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Cantonese. This really helps our diverse patient base to be able to fully understand their treatment option and our recommendations.

Everything about San Pablo Dental Care is structured around the convenience of you, the patients – The high quality of dental care, affordability, all of your care in one office and convenient hours to help make dental care easy for you. If you haven’t tried our office then please give us a call and see how we can make dental care easy for you too.