What should you expect from your dentist?

The twentieth century has brought many changes to most businesses. Consumers expect ever more convenience and higher levels of customers service than ever before. Dental offices used to be immune from having to deliver convenient service, but now that is changing, and changing rapidly. Just as you expect your supermarket, your bank or your hairdresser to offer convenient services, consumers are now expecting to be able to access medical and dental care with the same level of convenience.

Modern dental offices that are properly structured to deliver convenient care in the twentieth century should be open 6 days a week and offer convenient hours to accommodate their patients and their busy schedules. Dental office hours should be all about the convenience of the patients, not the Doctor!

If you go back 10 or more years you would find most dental offices would expect to be paid in full at the time of your visit. That is very difficult today with the economy in tatters and unemployment at nearly 10%. Most progressive dental offices will offer many different affordable options for payment. There are 3rd party payment plans, in office debit plans, dental service plans that reduce the overall cost of treatment and a number of other innovative programs to help make dental care more accessible and more affordable for the public.

Modern technology has come a long way, so you should be able to expect that your dentist is equipped with the newest technologies for your convenience and health benefits. These should include digital radiography (X-rays) that reduce the overall level of radiation needed for completing your examination. This is much healthier for you than old fashion film X-rays. There are many other new and helpful technologies that a progressive dental office should offer for your benefit, such as intra oral cameras to help communicate more effectively what is going on with your dental condition.

Does your dentist offer convenient hours and are they open 6 days a week? Do they offer a wide range of financial plans to accommodate your budget and needs? Do they offer the latest technology to improve your health?

If so, then you probably have a dentist who understands the needs of the dental consumer in 2012. If not, then you should give San Pablo Dental Care a try. We have put a major emphasis on bringing dental care to the public in a highly convenient, affordable and technologically advanced office. A dental office should be all about you and your needs, not about the dentist. We have done exactly that, and if you give us a try I am sure you will agree that San Pablo Dental Care is the place for all your dental needs.