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San Pablo Dental Care’s mission is…

To deliver affordable, convenient and comfortable
dental care to children and adults in the East Bay area.

Our gentle and personalized care ensures you get the smile you deserve.

We offer general dentistry services including cleanings, fillings and other non-cosmetic treatment, as well as state-of-the-art cosmetic and restorative treatment like teeth whitening and dental implants.

How We Approach Dental Treatment

Our dentists, Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim, believe in offering personalized treatment plans that fit your needs and budget. Affordability should never get between you and the dental care you want to live a lifetime of dental wellness.

Our office is equipped with the latest technological advances in dentistry: our Team Members are all trained to deliver best in class service in a superior clinical and diagnostic setting.

We view our patients as partners in their own care: that’s why we evaluate and share all findings and recommendations concerning your dental health with you before commencing treatment.

We Offer Comprehensive, Yet Gentle Oral Care

Our process begins with a thorough examination. It is important to establish a ‘baseline’ of the current state of your dental and overall health. To achieve this, our team will briefly ask you about your dental history, your current health, then ask you to share your goals to improve your smile, and to address any other issues or concerns. From this, we prepare your Comprehensive Diagnosis, which gives us that baseline from which to measure our progress, and your satisfaction.

We also offer dental financing solutions, which make it simpler and more affordable to get the smile you want.

City of San Pablo

Maintain Your Smile

Your teeth were meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes, the circumstances of life can get in the way. With today’s amazing dental technology, you have more treatment options than ever before. Everyone wants and deserves to have the confidence of a winning smile. Healthy teeth not only make you look better; they also improve your overall health.

Look to your East Bay dentist for answers to your oral health-related questions, and for appropriate treatment options to help you have a lifetime of optimal oral and overall health.

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