Cavities are a natural nemesis when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. The foods and drinks that we consume may nourish our bodies, but the particles left behind can eat away at your oral health little by little. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to stop this slow assault on your teeth. Drs. Edwin Kim and Jacqueline Lee understand the power that proper care for your teeth and gums can have when it comes to preventing cavities.

A Food-and-Bacteria Effort

When we consume foods and drinks and fail to consistently care for our teeth and gums, the bacteria already present in our mouth comes together with leftover food particles to form acids. These acids also mix with saliva to build plaque. Plaque that goes undisturbed begins to decay your teeth and aids in the formation of cavities. In fact, plaque can form twenty minutes after consuming a meal. Cavities are simply holes that form in the tooth as a result of the decay caused by the acids plaque creates.

The Clean Team

Luckily, San Pablo Dental Care knows that there are effective weapons you can use when waging a war against cavities. Simply brushing and flossing consistently is a powerful combination that can keep the harmful effects of acid and plaque from wreaking havoc on your teeth. The prevention of cavities is far more desirable than the cure, although cavities can be effectively handled. Cavities are stopped in their tracks when the decay is removed from the tooth and replaced with filling. Your San Pablo dental team also recommends visiting the office every six months for a cleaning to bolster your at-home efforts and keep your mouth cavity-free.

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