Dental crowns & bridges are both tooth replacement options for someone missing one or more teeth. Both dental crowns and bridges use prosthetic devices to fill in the gap caused by missing teeth. They help restore a more natural smile. Dr. Edwin Kim and Dr. Lee use dental crowns for damaged or fractured teeth and a bridge for teeth that are totally missing.

Dental Crowns at Your East Bay Area Dentist

A dental crown is made of ceramic or porcelain and basically functions as a fake tooth. Crowns are custom-made based on the needed restoration and the patient’s preference. The color and texture of dental crowns are matched to the existing teeth.

Most of the time, San Pablo dentists prefer using a crown for chipped, broken, or fractured teeth. The existing damaged tooth is filed down and reshaped, so it is smaller in size. Any tooth decay on the surface of the tooth is removed. The tooth’s structure is restored so it will be able to support the crown. Then, the crown is cemented into position over the surface of the tooth. A dental crown is often called a cap as it fits over the top of the tooth and restores its function and appearance.

Dental Bridges at Your San Pablo Dentist

Dental bridges are used for treating missing teeth. The bridge is comprised of false teeth fixed between two crowns. The crowns and false teeth are placed on a metal prosthetic appliance. The dental crowns fit on two natural teeth with the prosthetic teeth fitting in between. Once the dental crowns & bridges are placed into position, the appliance functions like natural teeth.

Which is better, dental crowns or bridges?

If you are uncertain which is best for you, Dr. Lee and Dr. Edwin Kim can make professional recommendations. They have the experience and expertise to determine which is the better option based on your dental health and circumstances. Generally, your East Bay area dentist will recommend dental bridges if you lose one or more natural teeth. A dental crown is usually recommended for one of these situations:

  • Restore a fractured or cracked tooth
  • Replace a large filling
  • Cover an implant
  • Strengthen a tooth after a root canal

Are there any benefits to dental crowns & bridges?

Any restoration offers the benefit of restoring your mouth’s natural function and helping you maintain good oral health. A fractured tooth will likely require more intense treatment because it will eventually break. Restorations help prevent more serious treatment options. Restorations also help restore your beautiful smile.

How long will crowns and bridges last?

Restorations like dental crowns & bridges will need to be taken care of just like your natural teeth. With proper maintenance like continuing to brush and floss daily, crowns and bridges can last for years. To keep from damaging your restoration, avoid biting down on hard objects. Additionally, you will still need to visit your San Pablo dentists twice a year for routine exams.

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