Most people know that mouthguards can help prevent dental emergencies when participating in sports. But do your kids need them? Turns out, kids need the protection of a mouthguard when engaging in any rigorous sport or activity. The experts at San Pablo Dental Care advise parents to learn more about the protective athletic gear.

Benefits of Mouthguards

Our San Pablo dentists agree that mouthguards have many benefits for children who participate in high-risk sports and recreational activities. Also known as mouth protectors, the equipment reduces the risk of broken teeth and helps prevent injuries to the tongue, lips, jaw, or face. Athletes who use mouth guards are less likely to experience a dental injury, making it important for children to use them from an early age.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three types of mouthguards you need to know about: custom-fitted, stock, and bol -and-bite. Custom-fitted mouth protectors are customized and more expensive. However, they offer both the highest level of protection and the best fit of all the mouthguards available. They are specifically made to fit the mouth of your child. The dentist will make an impression of their mouth which is then used to make the protective piece.

Stock mouth guards are cheaper and do not fit as well since they are pre-formed. You can find it in any sports department or store. They are a buy and use the variety that offers the least protection. However, some protection is definitely better than none.

Boil-and-bite fit better than stock mouth guards as they adapt to the shape of the patient’s mouth. These are not as expensive as a custom-fitted guard, but offer more protection and a better fit than the stock variety.

Let Us Help

Our San Pablo dental team will help you choose the best mouthguard for your child’s teeth and needs. Drs. Edwin Kim and Jacqueline Lee recommend custom-made mouthguards that fit perfectly. However, consulting an experienced dentist or orthodontist will ensure the best protection for your child.

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