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New Patient Welcome Offers

To encourage you to see if we are the right practice for you and your family, we offer all new patients our

New Patient Welcome Package

The new patient package is specially selected by our team based upon your goals and the present condition of your oral health. When you call our office, we’ll answer all your questions, as well as ask a few short questions to confirm which welcome package will be most helpful for you.

San Pablo Dental Care allows you to experience what affordable, state-of-the-art, and comfortable dental care is available to patients in the San Francisco, Oakland and surrounding areas.

Dental Care in San Pablo and the
surrounding East Bay cities!

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

As dental professionals who have many years of experience, we understand that there can be anxiety associated with seeing a dentist – but we’ve taken all the necessary steps to make your visits with us as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible:

  • We’ll explain the procedures and what to expect in detail
  • We’ll use sedation if you’d prefer, and
  • We’ll offer you nitrous oxide to calm your nerves.

Neglected Dental Work Can Still Be Saved Or Restored

If you are worried that your dental work has been neglected too long to be fixed, or that the pain and cost will be too much, please let us ease your mind. We offer several financing options to make your visits with us affordable. We will also employ several techniques to keep you vastly more comfortable and pain-free than you might otherwise expect.

Dentistry Has Come a Long Way

Owing to technological advances such as: digital x-ray, intraoral cameras, education modules developed to improve general, cosmetic and implant dentistry, teeth cleaning performed with gentle sound waves, surgical lasers, and sedation dentistry techniques, patients are now able to confidently visit the dentist, and receive the care they’ve always wanted.

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