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Most adults develop a certain amount of staining on their teeth through the years, much of it due to drinking liquids like coffee and tea, and some of it also due to the foods that we eat. Everyone would prefer to keep that dazzling white smile that we had in younger years, but it’s often necessary to take some special measures to restore that kind of brilliance to your smile.

Some whitening toothpastes help a little, but they are also pretty abrasive on your teeth, and they can end up doing more harm than good. A better solution by far is to visit your San Pablo dentist, and have a professional whitening treatment at our dental office. This solution ensures that no damage will be done to your teeth, and that you’ll have the best possible smile afterward.

An alternative whitening process

Alternatively, you can now undertake the teeth-whitening process right in the comfort of your own home in San Pablo, Richmond, Hercules or El Cerrito for instance. After you’ve had an initial consultation with Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim, a custom-fitted whitening tray can be prepared. Better by far than any kit you might find in a pharmacy, the custom whitening tray can be used on demand for years after its preparation by our specialists. You’ll notice results right away, and you can re-do the procedure at any time you feel a refresher is needed.

Another advantage of the take-home whitening tray is that it saves you a lot of money on office visits, and you won’t have to juggle your work schedule to accommodate appointments. On top of all that, the whitening tray is very portable, so you can take it anywhere you happen to be going, for instance on a vacation trip of a week or two. Your teeth can be getting whiter while you’re relaxing on vacation!

If you’d like to get rid of years of staining on your teeth in a very short period of time, contact your San Pablo dentist for a free consultation about which method of teeth-whitening will work best for you. It’s a very affordable kind of solution, and it’s a great way to restore that smile you remember from your youth.

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