While it is more common for people over the age of 65 to have at least one missing tooth, many adults at much younger ages can have the same problem, and one of the solutions most often adopted is the use of dentures. As removable replacement teeth, dentures do provide a viable option, but your San Pablo dental team would like to point out that because they are removable, they can also be somewhat insecure in your mouth, and they can be problematic when eating certain chewy foods.

A better solution for one or more missing teeth would be to have overdentures installed, because they are full dentures which eliminate any slippage. Overdentures are completely stabilized in your mouth because they are attached to the jawbones via dental implants, so they have permanent support and they allow you to be more confident when eating foods that are harder to chew.

How overdentures are emplaced at San Pablo Dental Care

It will usually be necessary to visit our office in San Pablo in three separate phases to accomplish the full implementation of your new overdentures. The first visit is more of a consultation and fact-finding session between you and your San Pablo dentist at our office. If you have any reservations or concerns, they will be thoroughly addressed at this time.

During the second visit, a full mold of your mouth will be made, and this will provide the model for the overdentures which are then developed. Implants will then be emplaced where teeth are missing, and several weeks must be allowed to pass so the jawbone can grow in around the implants, to secure them.

In the final phase of the overdenture implementation a small device is connected to the implants, which then serve as anchors for the overdentures when they are attached. While the process from beginning to end does take a while, it’s definitely worthwhile because you end up with a long-lasting solution that provides much the same functionality and cosmetic appearance as your original teeth.
If you have any missing teeth, or if you currently have dentures installed and you’d like to learn more about overdentures, please call or email Dr. Kim and Dr. Lee at San Pablo Dental Care to schedule a free consultation.

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