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One of the most commonly needed dental services we provide is single tooth replacement, and there is a variety of reasons why a tooth would need to be replaced. Tooth decay or gum disease can lead directly to the need for complete replacement of a tooth, as can some kind of trauma from an accident or sports injury. Whatever it is that triggers the need for a tooth replacement, it’s always best to have the gap filled in as quickly as possible.

A great many problems can occur as a result of a missing tooth, for instance gum recession, bone loss, and a shifting of the other teeth around the gap, which will eventually cause teeth to be misaligned, and promote improper biting and chewing. When you do come in to our dental office, your San Pablo dental team will make a thorough evaluation of your circumstances, and recommend the most appropriate procedure.

Single Tooth Replacement

How we accomplish single tooth replacement

Two visits will be necessary with Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim in order to fully replace your missing tooth. At the first visit, an implant will be inserted into the gap, and it will then be necessary to wait for a period of time to allow bone to grow around that implant, all of which happens painlessly for you. While the growth process is happening, you’ll be able to use a temporary tooth for functional and cosmetic purposes.

At the second visit, an artificial porcelain tooth is attached to the protruding part of the implant, and made very secure. The porcelain tooth will be very strong, and will match the color of the surrounding teeth, so that it doesn’t stick out as an artificial one. In no time at all, you will completely forget that you lost a tooth, because the new one will look and feel just like the original.

Don’t delay

If anything should happen to cause you to lose a tooth, you should not delay in contacting your East Bay dentist team at San Pablo Dental Care. Not only can your full functionality and appearance be restored more quickly, but it can prevent any issues from developing around the missing tooth. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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