Partial Dentures

Dentures are temporary teeth replacements that your dentist might use to either replace missing teeth or adjacent tissues. Dentures are broadly classified into two groups.

A complete denture is used on patients who have lost all their teeth whereas partial dentures are used on patients who might have lost some but not all of their teeth.

What Partial Dentures Are

In partial dentures, the prosthetic tooth is anchored on a plastic base that mimics the natural gum. Partial denture serves to fill the gaps left behind by missing teeth. Patients with missing teeth are strongly advised by Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim of San Pablo Dental Care to seek cosmetic dental surgery to prevent realignment of the few remaining teeth.

As advised by cosmetic dentists in San Pablo, gaps occasioned by missing teeth encourages the movement of teeth. Left unchecked, could affect your bite and make it difficult to clean them. Consequently leading to more severe dental conditions.

Anchoring of Partial Dentures in San Pablo Dental Care

There are two methods of fastening the partial dentures in your mouth.

  • Metal framework and clasps which used to fasten the denture on the adjacent teeth. Less popular than precision attachment due to aesthetic and comfort reasons.
  • Precision attachment: in response to the shortcomings of the aforementioned attachment of partial dentures, your dentist might opt to use connectors that are more natural in appearance in securing the dentures on the surrounding teeth. The end product of such an attachment is an enhanced natural smile.

Taking Care of the Dentures

Continue observing good oral hygiene. Clean both the remaining teeth and the denture as advised by your dentist in San Pablo Dental Care. There are specialized dental cleaners in the market that bear ADA Seal of Acceptance. Continuous cleaning of the dentures will prevent staining.

It’s prudent that you follow your dentist instruction on the duration of wearing and how best to store the denture.

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