IV Sedation

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is one way that our San Pablo dental team can help our patients with dental anxiety feel more comfortable. Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim offer several forms of sedation dentistry to any of our patients struggling with a range of dental anxieties.

Options for Sedation Dentistry

The San Pablo Dental Care team will take the time to understand your level of anxiety, and recommend the appropriate type of sedation if you seem like a good candidate. Conscious sedation, also known as IV sedation, is a popular choice. It helps you feel relaxed without putting you to sleep. You’ll remain conscious throughout your dental treatment, but feel no pain, and have no memory afterwards of the procedure.

How to Prepare for IV Sedation

You should not eat or drink anything for a minimum of eight hours before you are scheduled for IV sedation. Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim will give you specific instructions about this when you meet for a consultation.

Although you won’t actually fall asleep with IV sedation, it may make you feel groggy and disoriented for a while after your appointment. We encourage patients who choose IV sedation to get a ride to the dental appointment, and require them to receive a ride home with a trusted adult. Once you get home, plan to rest for the remainder of the day and avoid all strenuous activity.

You may need to discontinue some or all of your medications before receiving IV sedation. Drs. Kim and Lee at San Pablo Dental Care will go over this with you prior to your appointment. Don’t let dental anxiety get in the way of having your best smile and oral health. Our San Pablo Dental Care team will create a custom care plan that will make you feel safe and in control of your own oral health.

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