San Pablo dentists are sharing the findings of a new study done by the Australian Dental Organization proving that sugar free snacks and drinks may not be as good for your teeth as previously thought. While staying away from sugar is still a healthier options, it’s important to understand the dangers of dental erosion.

Acid Can Cause Dental Erosion

The problem with many of our favorite sugar free snacks, soft drinks, and juices is that they contain a large number of acidic additives. This means that they can still eat away at the layers of enamel that protect our teeth from breaking down. Dental erosion is at the heart of many common dental problems and can lead to major issues over time.

Regular Visits to San Pablo Dental Care Are Important

As a good preventative, minimize harmful foods and do brush or rinse your mouth after every meal. The best way to protect your teeth remains brushing and flossing regularly as well as keeping regular appointments with Dr. Edwin Kim and Dr. Jaqueline Lee. Contact our San Pablo Dental team to schedule an appointment today!

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