Yeast infections are not limited to the kind of vaginal yeast infections which some women experience, say Drs. Edwin Kim and Jacqueline Lee. Your San Pablo dentists would like you to know that an imbalance of the normal yeast growth in your mouth can lead to a medical condition known as oral thrush. The condition features difficulty swallowing, as well as the development of whitish lesions which form at the back of the mouth, or on the roof of the mouth.

How does oral thrush develop?

Your San Pablo dental team knows that oral thrush may develop when the immune system is suppressed for some reason, and which may let various infections to occur around the body, including oral thrush. Patients undergoing chemotherapy as well as those with AIDs are at risk for developing oral thrush because the immune system is not functioning normally for these individuals. In another example, the inhaled steroids taken by those with asthma may disrupt the natural balance of yeast in the mouth, and for this reason, your San Pablo dental care team recommends thorough rinsing after inhalation.

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