Many people have found they have swelling in the roof of the mouth. Firstly, it is rarely a serious condition and will usually resolve itself without the need for any treatment. It’s important to know some of the most common causes. You may also want to know when it is necessary to seek treatment from a dental or medical professional.

Common Causes of Swelling in the Roof of the Mouth

Swelling in the roof of the mouth can occur for a number of different reasons. In most cases, there isn’t any need for concern. Your San Pablo dental team can tell you that the most common causes for swelling in the roof of the mouth are canker sores, cold sores, dehydration, an injury to the area. An injury can occur from consuming a hard piece of food. It can also happen if you eat or drink something that was too hot. In rare cases, Drs. Edwin Kim and Jacqueline Lee have found that patients have underlying medical conditions which cause the swelling.

Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

For most people, observing good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly can prevent swelling in the roof of the mouth. Of course, it cannot prevent an injury from occurring, but good oral health can aid in the healing process when necessary.

When to see a Dentist

It is not usually necessary to see a medical professional when you experience swelling on the roof of your mouth. However, your San Pablo dentists recommend that you do consult with a dental expert if the swelling persists for more than a week. You also need professional care if you notice other symptoms in addition to the swelling itself. If the pain associated with swelling cannot be relieved by using over-the-counter medications from a pharmacy, it would be prudent for you to seek advice from your San Pablo dental care team.

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